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I like to see people enjoy what I create!


After spending many years cooking in restaurants and cafes, I discovered happiness in the world of possibilities that being a personal chef could offer. Being a creative artist at heart,cooking for a docket on the pass just didn't cut it for me! I prefer to cook for intimate groups of people in homes, on boats, or at small events where I can engage more with my clientiel. Its lovely to see people enjoying what you have created, and so after years of dishing up tasty treats to smiling faces, and years of seeing people dance and sing along to my music, this has inspired me to combine two of the things I love, food and music...and BANG! The Rock-In Chef was born! And I'm here to spread some good vibes, some rockin food and happiness at your next event! 

So if your looking for a private caterer with a difference, check out some of my services!

I look forward to working with you!!


Mike Hayes The Rockin Chef

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